20 febbraio 2024

I don't take risks

I don't take risks is the national communication campaign on good civil protection practices supported by the Department of Civil Protection, Anpas, Ingv, ReLUIS, and CIMA Foundation.

Logo Io non rischio - in evidenza

I don't take risks is a public communication campaign aiming to increase individual and collective awareness of natural and human-made risks affecting Italy, promoting behaviors to prevent them or able to reduce their consequences.
The campaign relies on the precious cooperation between the scientific community, the world of organized civil protection volunteers, and national and local institutions, which operate in synergy with the intent of empowering citizens as participating players in the National Service and able to make informed choices, every day and in crises.
I don't take risks is sponsored by the Department of Civil Protection in conjunction with Anpas - National Association of Public Assistance, Ingv - National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, ReLUIS - Network of University Laboratories of Earthquake Engineering, CIMA Foundation - International Center in Environmental Monitoring, in agreement with the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and Anci - National Association of Italian Municipalities.

The campaign is currently assisting in spreading the culture of prevention and good civil defense practices for flood, earthquake, forest fire, tsunami, volcanic (Phlegraean Fields, Stromboli, Vesuvius, and Volcano), industrial, nuclear, and large dams risks.

During National Days, thousands of civil protection volunteers arrange information points throughout Italy to spread awareness in their local communities about the risks affecting their territory and the correct behaviors to adopt to mitigate their effects.
The initiative usually occurs during National Civil Protection Week on a weekend in October.

The National Days are only attended by civil protection organizations that joined the I don't take risks campaign, with volunteers trained during the year with a specific focus on awareness of the risks addressed by the campaign and the communication techniques to use when interacting with citizens. Further information is available in the dedicated section of the I don't take risks website.

Over the years, I don't take risks has become a permanent communication campaign, active online, through the website and official social media channels, and on the territory, with several events organized by local administrations, institutions, schools, universities, and civil protection organizations.

Exhibitions, workshops, public meetings, cultural and sports events, fairs, seminars, webinars, and public square events. There are many and varied initiatives for promoting good civil protection practices organized voluntarily in different Italian cities, all sharing the same objective: spreading the culture of prevention among citizens using clear and easily recognizable messages and helping to turn awareness into action 365 days a year.

To explore the values that inspire the campaign and the events held throughout the territory, read the I don't take risks manifesto.

I don't take risks also fosters projects and tools for spreading civil protection culture conceived for the younger generation.

I don't take risks School
The project targets elementary school students and is organized by the Civil Protection Directorates of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces in collaboration with the Regional School Offices. Children, supported by their teachers and civil protection volunteers, are actively engaged in a journey to discover natural risks and the actions that contribute to their reduction.

The comic strip - L’attimo decisivo
"L'attimo decisivo" is comic strip that brings civil protection topics into secondary schools throughout Italy. The Minister for Civil Protection and Sea Policies promotes the initiative, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Merit.
The first issue narrates the adventures of Samira, Carlo, Katja and Paolo as they face the effects of an earthquake, a flood, a tsunami and a forest fire and must make crucial choices to save themselves and others. The narrator of the events, but also the main antagonist of the four kids, is the Risk Equation. This mighty and invincible enemy can be opposed only through the power of awareness and knowledge of good civil protection practices, a "power" that is potentially at everybody's disposal.
A flipbook and an audiobook of the comic strip and in-depth videos related to the single risks faced by the main characters are available at https://www.attimodecisivo.iononrischio.gov.it./en/.

I don't take risks 365: good civil protection practices
Starting in 2023, Anpas, in collaboration with the Department of Civil Protection and the CIMA Foundation, promotes the Universal Civil Service program "I don't take risks 365: good civil protection practices" with three projects focusing on communication, volunteering and relationship with the public. 
The project is addressed to 18- to 28-year-olds, who are passionate about risk communication and new technologies, and want to become an active player in the National Civil Protection Service, and closely observe the activities and tools used to monitor the national territory and the measures implemented by the Components and Operating Structures in ordinary and emergencies.
For more information, visit the dedicated section on the I don't take risks website.